Supports Multiple Branches

In today’s global dynamic economy , most companies understand why it’s important to deploy teams across geographies and setting up new offices in target markets. However, managing the teams and offices across geographies and across time zones is not an easy task. Human resource managers are consistently tasked to create a synergy within the systems and processes of teams and offices spread across geographies to maintain a streamlined Attendance and Payroll system. timeFrank helps organizations to manage these processes spread across geographies by creating one single window for all the teams and offices.

Easy Access to Information

Organization or HR team often need access to employee information at a very short duration from different branches for the purpose of evaluations, fact checking, or paperwork. timeFrank allows employers and HR teams to access employee details of any branch/team/department/individual with just a few clicks. As all the data is on cloud, it is accessible live globally

Payroll Calculation

Employees deployed in offices located across geographies should have better things to worry about, than wondering if they’re going to be paid correctly based on the compliances applicable for them. timeFrank provides hassle free payroll calculation, which reduces significant amount of work for the HR team. timeFrank generates payroll for the employee, based on the rules and compliances defined for their team/office. Also, if needed HR teams can check these sheets online or even export them for integration and storage purposes.

Real Time

timeFrank allows employers to check employee punch-in and punch-out data in real time. This helps organizations keep track of even those branch’s which are located in remote area or overseas and don’t have a dedicated HR team to monitor the staff. This feature is also available to the respective team leads or managers to help them monitor their teams even if they are on leave or working from a remote location.

Flexible Solutions to Employees

timeFrank offers employee self-service tools like time and attendance view, holiday calendars and leave management. These help employees across offices to view their respective data based on office policies. This helps avoiding miscommunication among employees of different branches, thereby increasing employee productivity.