Flexible shift scheduling

One of the most challenging tasks business owners or HR teams are faced with is Employee Scheduling. As your business grows to become global, this task only becomes more complex. timeFrank solves this problem with its flexible shift scheduling option. Using timeFrank, you can perform actions like grouping employees together based on job responsibility to assign them a common shift time, automatically access employee availability during a given shift time and even identify areas where you are short of manpower in a given shift type. With its user-friendly interface, employers have options to create shifts according to project requirement, availability, profile and more.

Considering the importance of employee availability :

One of the most important things to take into account when creating an effective schedule is the availability of your employees. Your hard-working employees deserve some time off, but you still have production and business goals to meet. timeFrank lets you know how many employees are physically available so that, you can assign shifts with the available head count.

Save time and money :

timeFrank helps you schedule shifts in a matter of seconds. With timeFrank, you have more time to grow your business. On average, you will save eight hours per week on the time it takes for scheduling and attendance issues. You will not only save your time and cost but you can also increase employee accountability. Employees will never have to ask when they are scheduled to work as it will get updated on the employee portal or you can just post a printout on the notice board . This efficient system reduces no-shows since employees are fully aware of the days and times they are expected.

Advanced planning :

At times when an employee is taking time off for a vacation or day to take their child to the doctor, you might not get to know till the date of employee absence. timeFrank makes it easier to review and approve planned absences. Employer now has a view of available employees and can assign another employee against the absent employee to avoid any dependencies.

Hassle free overtime calculation :

timeFrank is particularly useful for payroll. This ensures non-exempt employees are never over- or underpaid because timeFrank computes the exact time and the information is available online. Employers can now accurately calculate overtime pay or shift allowances.

Eliminate the risk of proxy :

timeFrank eliminates the risk of one employee marking attendance for another employee. Not only can employers can keep track of employee’s daily work hours, but they can also see how much time off they have availed during a working day.