Instant Reports

timeFrank assists you with informed real time decision making capabilities, so you can convert data into noteworthy, valuable information. Instant access for employers to reporting, query and analysis tools permits your organization to proactively manage business needs, rather than simply reacting to them. Employers can look at everything from recent punches to the amount of absent time of an employee. You can also view other data associated with time and attendance, such as how much time employees have worked overtime, and in which shift they have been working. Access to immediate data gives employers accurate, current information they need to approve or deny requests for vacation time, monitor overtime, and act when an employee’s attendance practices don’t adhere to company policy.

Custom Display Attributes and Reports

With timeFrank, mix and match multiple data filters can enable you to create dynamic reports. You can customize your report according to your needs to display information that is more important and relevant to you. Also, you can check absenteeism, overtimes, half days, out missed, locations and others.

Live Reports with Global Access

With timeFrank, employers can view employee’s clock in and clock out report anytime and anywhere. Also, employers can access employee’s detailed information such as overtime and schedule summary that also in the form of weekly and monthly reports dynamically online.

Email, Print & View

timeFrank helps you to Effortlessly, convert all reports to excel or PDF formats. With timeFrank, you'll be able to read, get e-mail or print reports – pertaining to an individual employee or the entire organization as per your organization’s needs.