With TimeFrank, it now becomes easy to keep track of employees who don’t report into office but work remotely. timeFrank provides the ideal platform for your mobile workforce to punch in and out from the assigned location, using their mobile phone. Employer can easily keep track and view employee location and attendance. The ease to use timeFrank app sends instant alerts to managers when an employee punches in/out from outside the assigned location. Geofence feature also notifies employees if they are punching in/out from the assigned location and prevents timesheet errors.

Increased Accuracy

With timeFrank’s geofencing feature, now employers can assign predefined job locations to the mobile workforce making sure that the employees are not only reporting on time but are also present at the assigned jobsite.

Increased Flexibility

With timeFrank, you will be able to gather data about your remote employee’s punch-in/out time and location which will help in improving the overall efficiency and eliminating fraudulent practices.


In a workplace such as a construction site, timeFrank will alert you if any unauthorized entry to the site is noted, which is important as valuable tools and equipment are kept there..

Analysing Data

timeFrank will allow you to analyse long-term trends on the number of workplace-related issues. How often are workers leaving the workplace site? Are they punching into a shift from far away locations from the site, or are they within the geofenced area? Using timeFrank, employers can ensure that working hours are accurately tracked, while gaining valuable insights in real-time.