Facial Recognition

Facial recognition technology has been in use for a few years now, most notably in some niche areas like security & defence. Facial Recognition has just started to make its way to the mainstream areas. Quantifying its value, timeFrank helps organisations to fully embrace this technology and integrate it with Artificial Intelligence, to automate office processes such as attendance, shift scheduling and others.

Providing error free attendance system :

With timeFrank’s Face Recognition technology, employees can now punch-in and punch-out easily with just a touch. Traditionally used manual attendance processes can take significant amount of the peak productive hours of the day and are not 100% reliable. timeFrank attendance using facial recognition solves this problem as it captures data in seconds with high success rate. With the power of cloud storage and computing, it helps organisations to save both time and money.

Promising complete security :

For every organisation, security is the biggest concern. timeFrank provides a secure time and attendance system for the organisations of all size. With timeFrank only an authorized manager can run and register a new Face and change its settings. As all the data is stored on Cloud, employers can access it online on 24/7 basis. It also immediately notifies the administrator of unrecognized punches. Therefore, timeFrank provides complete security.

Attendance solution for your mobile workforce :

Businesses often suffer due to inefficiencies and inability of existing traditional biometric methods or manual time & attendance processes to track mobile workforce productivity. More than often it is left to the discretion of the site manager/in-charge or the trust factor with the employee that they will be reporting on-time executing their roles and responsibilities. With timeFrank mobile app, now organizations can provide Mobile App access to site manager or individual employees to punch-in or punch-out regardless of whether they are at a remote site or on the go. The mobile app also comes with the face-recognition feature so you know for sure that your employee is working.