Customizable Settings

With timeFrank, you can fetch information with accuracy and precision. We have every field you need for all the data you would like to collect. You can build custom structures for every branch and have it displayed, when needed.

Punch Options and Locations

For visitor, vendors or contractual basis employees, timeFrank provides ability to assign direct punching options in form of face recognition, QR code or PIN. You can also assign punch locations to employees to make sure they are punching from their assigned location.

Organisation Structure

With timeFrank, you can customise controls according to organisation structure, department or hierarchy. Work as a team on building workflows that connect information across departments. Coordinate with teammates and bring harmony to your business processes!

Controlled access

Keep records confidential by characterising role-level access for your employees and managers. Give different kinds of access to different employees and be assured that you are keeping information away from prying eyes.


timeFrank allows employers to create various types of leave structures and assign them to employees individually based on the specific organizational policies.

Attendance Validation

timeFrank allows managers to validate or edit employee attendance on need basis. In cases when employees are not logging from the assigned location, the respective manager is notified, and the attendance can be declined or accepted based on the workflow defined and action by the manager.

Payroll Settings

With timeFrank, employers can customize payroll settings based on employee levels. Employees can be assigned a pay-out pattern of Daily, Weekly or Monthly. And also, based on employee level, PF, ESI and other parameters can be applied or removed.

Employment Type

Now, employers can classify employees based on their employment type: Contractual or Permanent. For contractual employees, the employer can also add the name of the contracting/staffing agency.