Staff Attendance on Cloud

timeFrank Attendance Management systems design goal is to have an attendance system that's simple and precise but still provides required information control to the company. Unlike traditional attendance tracking system such as time card, log book, and others, timeFrank does not require investment of proprietary hardware and infrastructure. It is user friendly as well as easy to maintain for the organisation, no matter the organization size. It is a mobile based application which requires zero maintenance. As it is cloud based, it also comes with benefits such as live monitoring, global access and many other features without the worry of running out of storage space or processing power. Organisations that uses timeFrank also reported an increase in employee happiness.

Selfies for Attendance :

timeFrank utilizes face recognition technology powered by Artificial Intelligence for marking staff attendance. No more lying and no more contentions. Truth be told, employees are significantly more joyful taking their "selfies" for attendance.

Hassle free Attendance Management :

timeFrank is on the Cloud facilitating interconnection seamlessly. Now, no more hassles of data collection and collaboration from each and every attendance device located in multiple locations. The information is stored and processed on Cloud, making work easy for the company.

Attendance can be monitored in Real Time :

With its real time data consolidation and collaboration across all devices at various locations timeFrank will inform you immediately, in real time who among the employee/staff are late, absent or on leave. It helps you monitor your man power resources and optimize them in real time.

Zero Hardware Expenses :

There is no need to spend money on your punch card or biometric machines as well as data storage servers. timeFrank is on the Cloud helping you save hardware and storage expenses. Above all it comes with 24/7 availability with best of the best data security.

Instant Attendance Reporting :

Now generate real time reports on attendance and download them instantly from anywhere around the globe. With its real time data collaboration, recall and display staff attendance records for instant reviews based on various parameters such as department, branch, location, designation, shifts and many others.

Easy to use :

timeFrank comes with a very easy and use-friendly setup process. With being available for both iOS and Android platforms, it provides flexibility and cross platform flexibility. Its web app providing the admin access comes with a very user-friendly interface along with graphical data representations. You will be logging staff attendance in a matter of minutes and not weeks!