timeFrank is a simple staff attendance application which uses QR codes to uniquely identify an attendance swipe of each of your staff member. It runs on the cloud and uses highly secure Microsoft Azure cloud platform to deliver its services. You can view real time information of the attendance status and generate reports round the clock from anywhere. You can also use your mobile device to logon to the website: www.timefrank.com and view all the information and the Dashboard. It is apt for businesses of any size with employees deployed across multiple branches. All the branch wise staff attendance data is captured in well organized formats for ease of use.
timeFrank is currently in beta version and is free for your company to use, if you happen to recieve the FREE account login and password. You can register for your free account. In case we decide to charge for the account, don’t worry – we will let you know atleast 60 days prior at your registered email and continue reminding you every 10 days. We can promise that when timeFrank accounts become chargeable, the costs will be very competitive and apt for small and medium size businesses.
Yes. You can add as many branches as you want. The only requirement is that you should have atleast one Head office. Attendance data is logged and captured Branch wise or Department wise as per the settings chosen in the account.
Definitely. Its one of the important features of timeFrank. You can download the excel sheet format which can be used to upload data into timeFrank. In case you have an employee details excel sheet and have queries on how to upload it into timeFrank – email us at contactus@timefrank.com along with your Account name (email id) and the excel sheet so that we can help you convert it into the timeFrank excel format.
Any desktop you use to browse the internet should ideally be suitable for using timeFrank, since it runs in the Internet Browser page. You will need Broadband internet to connect and use the timeFrank services. We suggest that you use latest hardware and browser versions for the best user experience. timeFrank can also be used from your Apple, Android and Windows mobile phones (www.timefrank.com) using the mobile internet browser.
timeFrank allows to mark an employee as a regular employee or a contract employee during creation. You can even tag the contracting company at this stage.
Very easy. The simple easy to understand step-by-step wizard to interface after you login handholds you to create your company branches, departments, designations, employees, add attendance capture devices and start using your dashboard. You can always modify the details and add more branches, departments, designations and devices at any time. The website also explains how you can add a device in a step wise manner.
Once you create the Admin login id and verify your email id, timeFrank will take you through a step-by-step and easy to understand process to add your company details:
  • Create your office branches and add details. Creating one branch (Head office/ Controlling Office) is mandatory.
  • Admin can create the departments and the positions/designations in each department.
  • Add employees using the step wise entry or by filling up the timeFrank Bulk upload excel sheet template
  • Assign supervisors for each of the Branches and for the Departments.
  • timeFrank generates QR code cards for each of your employees
  • Print QR code cards for each of your employees
  • Generate and download rich Reports
  • Download the Android Attendance Capture app (timeFrank) and login using your credentials
  • Login to your timeFrank account from any desktop/mobile and approve the devices requested
  • Modify the Account settings as per your requirement
  • Use the Dashboard for real time information about your account statistics
Once you have added the company branches, created the departments, designations and added the employees, you can proceed to adding the devices:
  • Install the timeFrank app for Android (here) or for iOS (here).
  • Once you install the application, use your login id and password to login
  • A ‘Device Add’ request is then displayed in the Company Admin login page
  • The Company admin then checks the details of the ‘Device Add’ request and approves / rejects it
  • If the Company Admin approves the ‘Device Add’ request, the Device is now ready to accept the QR cards for attendance
  • Please remember - If a Company Admin had requested for the ‘DEVICE ADD’ from his login id, then after Company Admin approval, that device will accept all employee Attendance QR cards for all branches of your company
  • Please remember - If a Branch Supervisor had requested for the ‘DEVICE ADD’ from his login id, then after Company Admin approval, that device will accept all branch employee Attendance QR cards only
  • Please remember - If a Department Supervisor of branch had requested for the ‘DEVICE ADD’ from his login id, then after Company Admin approval, that device will accept all department specific employee Attendance QR cards in that Branch only
  • The Company Admin will have the option to reassign the devices to other Branches or to other departments in a department
  • The Company Admin can also delete a Device from the approved list
  • All Devices need an Internet connection, Data Plan or WiFi to operate.
  • Whenever an employee swipes his QR code card in front of the camera of the Device, the attendance IN or OUT data is captured by the Device and sent to the secure timeFrank server for data capture. This data is then used for live information display in the Dashboards.
  • Please charge the Mobile Device with the appropriate charger used for Attendance capture in a continuous manner since it may consume battery due to continuous use of the camera.