CASE STUDY :   Manufacturing | Accountancy


Manufacturing sector with a huge workforce is one of the largest employers. India is expected to become the fifth largest manufacturing country in the world by the end of year 2020*. Most of these companies house a huge number of employees and this in turn comes with several issues pertaining to employees’ time and attendance. In this dynamic sector with cut- throat competition to achieve high operational efficiency and cut down costs, industries have felt the need to automate their processes. Security, safety of assets and employees as well as time management of staff with proper shifts, overtime and timely salary are always vital for any manufacturing industry. So, organizations are moving towards solutions which can provide multi-functions like time-attendance, leave & holiday management and others, at the same time it should be scalable and able to work in extreme conditions like that in an manufacturing plant.


To keep track of the activities as per the plan and timescale managers need to keep track of where critical workers are on the manufacturing plant floor, ensuring their safety at any given time should an emergency take place. Facial recognition allows businesses to ensure security protocols are not dismissed. Improve project budgeting, reduce administrative costs, and optimize employee scheduling. timeFrank enables manufacturers to maximize profitability and better manage jobs, teams, and employees. To add to the above list, with the minimum wage rates fixed by the government payroll has become a key worry for industries. Contractors are billed hourly/daily basis and permanent employees are billed on monthly basis. Keeping a track of attendance and their pay grades is not easy. It is not hard to imagine friends or colleagues passing off a traditional key-card or punch in machine in order to punching a time card for a friend. Therefore, many problems arise such as tracking of time in and time out, avoiding proxy by co-workers, time sheets being manual are easy to manipulate and approval of leaves is totally depending on the discretion of the floor in-charge. ..


Face Recognition :

timeFrank uses face recognition technology, which can be easily used by the help of smartphones ensures that no proxy can be done by co-workers.

Shop-floor data capture in real time :

timeFrank automatically notifies employers the time in and time out of the employees in real, which helps in maintaining hassle free records. It also helps employers to allocate their man power resources according to your staff attendance for the day.

Shift Planning and overtime records :

Planning shift for employees is a time consuming task. However, with timeFrank employers can plan shifts in a matter of minutes. It notifies the employees once their shift has been scheduled. It also informs the employers regarding which employee is doing overtime.

Improves Payroll and HR practices :

timeFrank provides hassle free payroll calculation which reduces manual work for HR team and saves time as well. Shop floor in-charge can check their subordinate’s data which helps them to track their performance.

Geo-location and GPS location tracker :

Employers have a great difficulty in tracking their off-site employees. timeFrank provides them with the option to set Geo-location, which ensures that the employees are actually going to the assigned place. GPS location tracker ensures that employees are visiting the clients, dealers and others and just not marking proxy visit.