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Accountancy Firms


There are 2lakh plus practicing Chartered Accountants in India working for Accountancy and Auditing firms that serve multiple industries with their financial expertise. For these firms to provide various business services to their clients they hire accountants, auditors, interns, articleship graduates and others. This creates a need to manage the employees who work either from an office setting or on site as per the requirement of the firm and clients.

The top 20 CA firms in India have a combined staff of more than 35,000 people. Commerce and industry will always remain competitive and CA firms also need to maintain the competitive edge over their business operations. They are now integrating technology in their human resource management processes providing them a whole gambit of end to end services from attendance to payroll and at the same time simplifying the process enhancing the overall productivity.


Accounting and Auditing firms work in a very dynamic business environment. With having a mix of employees working from office and deployed on-field along with varied office timings, makes the employee management complex. Since the employee presence in office is equally important for day-to- day activities, returning to office on time is also important. Their nature of work involves high pressure and employees may fail to punch while entering or exiting office. This leads to a few operational challenges such as:

  • Capturing time in and time out when CA not in office
  • Proxy logins by employees
  • Capturing the location of remote staff
  • Capturing Late coming, early leaving and break time trail
  • Managing leaves, compensatory offs, shifts etc.
  • Manual time-attendance tracking leading fraudulent practices
  • Manual error while calculations of salary/leave data


timeFrank is an IT application which allowing employees to punch attendance. Its features provide flexibility for organizations to manage employee time and attendance, leave, location and other data. Some of its feature are:

Face recognition :

timeFrank uses Face-Recognition for punches helping eliminate fraudulent time practices such as buddy punching and the hassle of thumb impression not getting recognized in spite of multiple trials. It can identify the user despite change in dressing style, hairstyle or even eye lens.

Data Capture in Real Time :

timeFrank uses cloud for error free data management and processing of attendance, leaves, holiday and overtime data. With the use of cloud, the manager can view employee data in real- time such as number of employee punches etc.

No Added Costs :

timeFrank sets you free from server installation, maintenance costs and needs no infrastructure investment. It can also work in offline mode from the branch office locations.

Geo-location :

timeFrank also provides mobile applications for employees to ensure that your remote employees can, not only just punch in/out but their location is also captured.

Geo-fencing :

timeFrank uses mobile application to ensure that you employees are going to the assigned site or not. It restricts unauthorized entry from unidentified locations in case of resource being assigned fixed clients.

Improve HR process :

timeFrank allows Managers or In-charges to view their team data to keep a check on their performance. It gives Real-time Notification to for any exception; with minimal manual interventions. Data captured can be intergraded directly with the payroll software allowing you to reduce the manual efforts and facilitate pay transfers.