ABOUT timeFrank

timeFrank is a cloud-based time and attendance tracking application that powers comprehensive attendance and shift scheduling system. It is a state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence based attendance system that helps organizations automate the core aspects of the staff management processes.

Amazing Features

Get the power of cloud based, real time online tracking of your employees time and attendance.
Increase your organization's productivity with easy setup and manage options.

Cloud based attendance

timeFrank is on cloud. 24/7 access from anywhere. No dedicated server, no software installation, no maintenance.

Free mobile apps - Android & iOS

Manage employees attendance on the go with timeFrank mobile app. Punch in/out with Face Recognition or QR Card or PIN.

Security & Privacy

Data security and privacy is very important to us. timeFrank is integrated SSL security with 256-bit Encryption.

Face recognition

No more 'Buddy Punching'. timeFrank uses best in class 'Face Recognition' to avoid misuse.

QR Card & PIN

Employees can use QR card or PIN to punch in/out through mobile apps.


Real time monitoring of employee attendance with geo-fencing. Restrict employees to punch in/out from the specified GPS location.